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Meet Your New Best Friend

Hi, I’m Nate, I am the founder, and technical guru, here at Green Turtle Web CreationsGreen Turtle is a technology-focused studio supporting new start-ups, small to medium sized businesses, charities and not for profits, in website design, business marketing solutions, IT consultancy, data backups, and cybersecurity.

I focus my core technologies, predominantly on building bespoke mobile friend websites, using WordPress, and offering support and solutions to businesses on there cybersecuritydata backup and patch management. I also want to ensure each client leaves with a basic education, mainly in the principles of technology, so there better prepared to run their digital business on a daily routine.

Website design is not just about the building, its the preparation, and education you can offer to your clients, making them a part of the website project, it brings meaning and purpose to the website and makes it that little bit more special

Nate Lansdell

Green Turtle Web Creations IT And Website Design Wisbech
Signed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Picture

Green Turtle Web Creations is named after my love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you may notice subtle colour that match my favourite turtles, and the unique URL that the Turtles are using

How Were The Turtles Born?

Green Turtle Web Creations opened its doors in October 2016. I had spent a few months unemployed, and despite attempting to find work, I was unsuccessful, but not to be beaten, I decided that the best way to find work, was to create a little piece of my own nerd magic.

At the time of me deciding to setup a studio, I was scratching my head at what to do, I’m heavily focused on website design and development, mainly using WordPress, but also in smart technology, cyber security, and IT based environments, but deciding on what to focus on was proving difficult. In the end, it was decided for me, as I was approached by a friend to build her website for her new photography business, so website design it was.

Now the name Green Turtle is quite interesting, When It’s your own studio, you have the choice to name it how you want. I believe that quirky and unique names that reflect your own personality are the way forward. I could have picked any generic name that represented website design but I’m a huge nerd and am not ashamed of it. One of my biggest loves was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I grew up watching this, and continue to love these green dudes even as an adult, so it seemed fitting to name something that  reflects this crazy passion and enjoyment for things that mean most to me, and how I  would go on to building and designing websites and offering technology services to local businesses. Those of you with a keen eye may also notice some of the colour references across the site which are references to the turtle’s colours.

The Turtles Ethos “A Smile A Day Can Change The World?

The ethos “a smile a day can change the world” came from some tough experiences I was dealing with in 2015. A smile a day simple means, every day make someone smile, a stranger, a loved one or a friend.

You never know what tough challenges a person is facing that day. Someone sick, a loved one struggling you just don’t know. A simple smile can make such a difference to a person’s daily experience. And in return, they will create a smile for someone else. This then spreads, smiles are contagious in a beautiful way.  There is so much pain and anger in the world, a smile a day just breaks down the pain